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Welcome to the Australian Fantasy Art Enclaves

This site is a haven for that rare and wonderful creature- the Australian Fantasy Artist.

Here you will find fairies, dragons and fantasy creatures, goddesses, warriors and princesses created by many talented Australian fantasy artists. Artists and fans are invited to join in the chatter in the fantasy art forums where you can talk with the artists and see new artwork as it is finished.
So please stay a while and enjoy the magic these artists have to share, and be sure to tell your friends... of the magic and wonder created down under.

In the galleries you will find over 70 artists showcased, from famous artists of the past, to some amazing amatuers or hobbyists, and the many current professional artists living in Australia. All themes are visited, from fairies and mythology, to monsters, dragons, warriors and dark magics. Please note that the gallery may contain some artworks with nudity.
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The forums are a place where fantasy artists of all levels and art fans can relax, have a chat, and discuss art and all other things. Artists often post their new artworks to show, and offer advice about art technique and careers. Come and join our cozy community!
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A listing of online resources for artists in Australia and worldwide, from art supplies to tutorials, publications to legal advice and commerce.
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Are you an artist based in Australia who works in a fantasy theme? Why not join us? We accept all forms of art, traditional, digital, photography or sculptural, the only requirement being it is of a fantasy theme (and even some sci-fi!). You will receive your own gallery on the site which you can update as you wish, and receive great exposure!

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All art is © copyrighted by its respective artist. Use of any artwork from this website is strictly prohibited.
Please note that this site features some artworks containing nudity. The fantasy art on this website is NOT free clipart.
To report faults with the site please go to Contact

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13 Feb 2017

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